About Us


Abya is the brainchild of Mr Selvaraj, a protege of Bihar School of Yoga, one of the pioneers in the propagation of the science of yoga. He is the person behind Annai Aravind Herbals, which has a legacy of it's own under the tutelage of Dr R Vijayalakshmi and Dr P Rajalingam. Dr Preethi Selvaraj has taken up her father's legacy to spread the goodness of yoga by nurturing the yearning minds and enhancing physical & spiritual well-being.


Abya brims with the wisdom of Yoga passed down through the strong lineage of Mr Selvaraj. Dr Preethi Selvaraj is the torch bearer of Abya, a third generation Ayurveda doctor, a known Bharatanatyam exponent and a practising yoga instructor. Her quest for experiencing the natural rhythm of life finds its purpose in teaching Yoga - the art of balancing the mind, body and soul.